Sarah Olin Coaching has developed a variety of theme-based workshops to positively benefit your staff or team around such issues as workplace communication, work/life balance, teamwork and leadership. We can also create made-to-order workshops tailored to your specific needs. Examples of theme-based workshops include:

Communication Workshop

An in-depth exploration of speaking and listening skills. This workshop distinguishes how the words of participants can impact leadership; how leadership is impacted by what participants hear; and listening through non-verbal cues. Participants will leave this workshop with tools to be responsible for the messages they send and receive at work (and in life).

“Work/Life Harmony” Workshop

The term “balance” often strikes fear in the hearts of career professionals. Achieving work/life balance is like trying to spin plates while walking down a flight of stairs backwards. Something has got to give, and unfortunately, it’s everything: we put 50% here and 50% there and end up 0% happy. This workshop will introduce the concept of “work/life harmony.” We’ll explore participants’ relationship to the ideas of “work” and “life,” noticing how they may (or may not) silo these concepts and put them in opposition to each other.

“Anatomy of a Team” Workshop

What distinguishes leaders from managers? In part, it may be in how the leaders relate to their teams and how they create those teams. This workshop will break down how participants currently relate to their teams (out loud and in their head) and re-define those relationships in service of team development and productivity.