Corporate Coaching

Working collaboratively with your organization, Sarah Olin Coaching will design a coaching program that matches content to needs. Method of delivery is also customized to optimize the impact to for your team -- whether it be one-on-one coaching, small group sessions, team coaching or a combination of these modes.

Ideal candidates for Corporate Coaching may include:

  • Individual contributors or managers who are “high performers” and who want to further develop their leadership skills and contributions to the organization
  • Executives and other contributors who are faced with imminent career changes
  • Individual contributors who are no longer performing or who have “checked-out”
  • Individual contributors who are experiencing high levels of stress and pressure
  • Individual contributors who are overwhelmed and at risk of facing burn-out
  • Individuals recently promoted to a managerial position for the first time, or whose promotion to such a position is imminent

In addition to specific measures created with your organization, participants may benefit from Corporate Coaching in the following ways:

  • Increased understanding & confidence:  Participants have an opportunity to be seen and heard.  Participants have support, accountability and partnership around what is next for them professionally and personally.
  • Increased capacity: Participants learn how to manage priorities and balance time with commitments. Participants can do more with new-found capacity and ease.
  • Greater productivity: Participants learn skills to balance their professional and personal lives, enabling more ownership and pride in their tasks.
  • Achieving greater results: Participants become innovative leaders who are able to build teams aligned with your company's core values.
  • Being more committed: Participants will experience more satisfaction in their roles, increasing their dedication and confidence.
  • Leadership development: Participants will learn techniques to improve their communication skills, enabling them to understand their impact within your organization.